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Updated On Apr 5, 2024
Fish Game - Fish Hunter juerga 2.2.3 es una aplicación de Android modificada con sin anuncios Características. The LEGEND FISH HUNTER Game 2023 Offline
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Fish Game - Fish Hunter
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Senspark Co Ltd
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An amazing fish-catching, shooting game with amazing features. You are a fisher, fish-tank in this game, and need to catch Sea creatures. Amazing colored sea environment, with the beauty of nature, cool underwater graphics, and interface.

Try fish hunting, guns, and many other excellent weapons. In this fish tank, you will see different beautiful and precisions fishes are wandering. Unlock many challenging stages by the upgrade and get hell out of the fun of sea, water, shooting games.

If you really wanna get game-hunting or shooting some starfish, jellyfish, clownfish, sea-maid ..., with real, Fish-3D hunting games then you are in the right place.

In this Fishing hunter, you'll act as a king of fisher and have a deep-ocean experience catching fishes and other sea creatures.

You can catch, shoot, hunt all the fishes available in diameter just need to be clever and sharper to catch them. You just need to make a proper direction of shooting target, the far you pull the powerful the weapons.


+ It's simplest to learn but harder to be the master of this game.
+ Once the game has begun tap a target to shoot and catch the kingfish
+ Cheese is available you can use cheese to make fishes come at a specific point place and can shoot at them at once
+ Player can also use the change button to change between the 9 guns at any time during the game, which has various net sizes and power levels player is using;
+ Use power-up items to enhance your playing

+ Try to complete all missions
+ Try to catch all fishes as much you can!


+ Amazing handling – fully controls within the whole game
+ Lots of different variations – You need to go with them with high accuracy – time calculation
+ Very addictive, hard game – It is best among fish-catching
+ Full compatibility with all devices. Designed to look good on low resolution and high-resolution devices
+ Here you need to learn something more than just shooting
+ You have cheese to form a trap and then guns to shoot in fish hunter 2023, updated version.
+ It is a challenging, adventurer game
+ Amazing soundtracks – Amazing sounds on win or lose and during playing game. Let you feel in real sea life in this fish-hunter game. Enjoy the game with the fast-paced soundtrack.
+ Game made for all ages including kids – get fishing joy and become the ifish shooter
+ One of the best iFish hunting, water, Ocean, sea games, fish-hunter shooting game. By one of the top best developers.

Try for being a Fish-hunter and get your chance for Ace-fishing hunting. Totally new features unique game and challenges!!! Best game to play. 

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Add 5 new pack
+ Sailor starter pack
+ Sailor pack
+ Hunter pack
+ Captain pack
+ Pirate pack

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  • Fish Game - Fish Hunter Mod capturas de pantalla
  • Fish Game - Fish Hunter Mod capturas de pantalla
  • Fish Game - Fish Hunter Mod capturas de pantalla
  • Fish Game - Fish Hunter Mod capturas de pantalla
  • Fish Game - Fish Hunter Mod capturas de pantalla